At our shop the ‘old school barbershop’ and ‘gentlemen look and feel’ meet. The history of barbering goes back many centuries and originally included all treatments for men’s care, even medical treatments during the Middle Ages. Nowadays we can hardly imagine this anymore. The original difference between a barber and a men’s hairdresser is, that the barber was mostly doing beards and mustaches and the men’s hairdresser only dedicated to the hair on the head. This has also changed. The new generation barbers are trained and specialized in men’s haircuts apart from other treatments for men’s care. At our unique little barbershop we offer you high class haircuts, clean shaves and beard trims. In a comfortable private atmosphere with top service, hygiene and quality you will enjoy your treatment. NEW: We can inform you about treatments for reliable hair transplantation. For your and our safety we have an ionisator with uv light to kill viruses and bacterias in the air.



George Fohr has over 40 years of experience as master barber, top stylist and trainer. He and his team offer high class treatments for haircuts, beard trims and clean shaves with the authentic open barber knife. They pay attention to every detail.

Opening hours

Tuesday through Friday 10 am – 7 pm and Saturday 10 am – 6 pm.

Sunday and Monday closed.

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Wij raden u aan van tevoren een afspraak te maken, klik hier voor beschikbaarheid en het maken van een afspraak. Walk-ins are also welcome for a treatment if there is availability.


Haircut ca 40 min. € 34,50

A royal treatment during which your hair is cut in in the style you wish. Your hair will be washed by the authentic barber forward style. You receive a hot towel and neck clean up. Your hair is dried and styled with high class products and the treatment will finish with a short neck, shoulder and arm massage.

Beard Treatment ca. 40 min. € 34,50

Your beard is cut, detailed, outlined and shaped with scissors and buzzer according your preference. You get a pre-shave or oil and hot towel. With the authentic open barber knife the outlines will be sharpened. Your beard is styled with beard balm, beard crème or beard oil. The treatment finishes with a short neck, shoulder and arm massage.

Shave ca. 30 min. € 31,00

Would you like to leave our shop with a smooth face or top? For the head shave you sit in our comfortable barber chair and during the facial shave you can relax laying backward in the barber chair. The barbers starts with a skin wash, pre-shave and hot towel, followed by applying shaving soap with the traditional brush and a clean shave with the authentic open barber knife, finished with cold towel, alum stone and aftershave. Before you leave you get a short neck, shoulder and arm massage.

Clipper Cut ca. 20 min. € 22,00

This is a no-nonsense all over clipper haircut or beard trim at one length without extras. You can also make this reservation for just outlining your hair (sides and neck).


Duo Combi Haircut (2 persons) ca. 2×40 min. € 66,00

Duo Combi Beard Trim (2 persons) ca. 2×40 min. € 66,00

Timber Combi (haircut & beard trim) ca. 80 min. € 66,00

Dudok Combi (haircut & facial shave) ca. 70 min. € 64,00

Flat Combi (facial shave & beard trim) ca. 70 min. € 64,00

Kojak Combi (head & facial shave) ca. 60 min. € 60,00

Radio Combi (clipper cut & beard trim) ca. 60 min. € 54,00

Slick Combi (clipper cut & facial shave) ca. 50 min. € 52,00

The prices are exclusive of BTW and our General terms and privacy statement applies.


Hair loss is very sensitive to most men and women. If this is due to androgenetic alopecia, hair transplantation is the most definitive solution. It concerns an operation that is performed by a specialized doctor, trichologist (dermatologist specialized in hair and hair diseases) with assistants. During this operation own hair follicles with roots and hairs are taken from a donor area (usually at the back of the head / sides / neck) and implanted in the area of ​​hair loss. The implanted hair follicles maintain their natural hair growth cycle. In the donor area, the hair becomes slightly thinner, but barely visible and fits better with the implanted part. We cooperate with a reliable and hygienic clinic in Istanbul.


Address: Larenseweg 277A, 1222 HJ Hilversum.

We are located in the small building, monument of Dudok on Den Uylplein. You can easily reach us by car, bike, walking and public transport. We have free parking in front of the door. For public transport see www.9292.nl Combine your visit to us with a visit to the media museum http://www.beeldengeluid.nl or a restaurant and the shops in the city center of Hilversum.

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Get in touch. Tel. +31 (0) 356857588 or +31 (0) 624589980 if no answer and for information about hair transplantation.

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